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From the award winning creators of 'The Duck Wife,' Woo me Myth present new work Iredea 


Iredea is a dance rock opera inspired by writer Philip K. Dick's futuristic vision. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic planet, were the remaining traces of humanity are at war with each other. Mysterious characters interwin, as they embark on a journey of self-discovery in this new world.    


Iredea is a vivid and compelling collaboration that follows a gifted sculptor who is sent on a quest to locate the man responsible for destroying the world in order to safe her own life. Awakening to a world thrown into disarray, she is confronted with many obstacals to overcome to come to terms with her new reality. Dance, theatre and new media arts fuse to propel this fantasy universe, that deals with social injustice and personal exploration.


A synergy of movement, lights and silhouettes - at times playful and insightful, Iredea elicits a spirit of imagination. Exquisite choreography partnered by original music, this exhilarating performance illustrates the pitfalls and triumphs of the human psyche.


Under the artistic direction of Ted Strauss and choreographic direction of Jean Doan, Ireada is depicted through exquisite choreography, emphasized with original music, new media arts and theatre. Performers Ted Strauss, Jean Doan, Melina Stinson and Mark Medrano shine during this 60 minute live performance, that stives to create a new language between contemporary dance, music and new media arts.

(password: apocalyps4)