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Woo Me Myth creators behind the hit show The Duck Wife, return with a new bold, innovative fully-formed look into the future, IREDEA. Inspired by writer Philip K. Dick, Iredea is a vivid and compelling vision of a post-apocalyptic world and human existence. The collaborative talent of choreographer and performer Jenn Doan, combined with the live music composition of Ted Strauss, bring Iredea to life on stage. Dance, theatre and technology fuse together to propel a fantasy universe, depicted through exquisite choreography emphasized with original music and multimedia.

A synergy of movement, lights and silhoutettes - at times playful and insightful, Iredea elicts a spirit of imagination.

Woo Me Myth is a Montreal-based company creating Dance Rock Operas, a hybrid format that combines live dance, music, mythical storytelling, infused by multimedia. Long time collaborators musician Ted Strauss and dancer Jenn Doan merged their unique forces to form Woo Me Myth in 2010, after co-creating The Duck Wife the award winning show based on an ancient Inuit folk-tale.

>> Iredea debuts at FRINGE 2014 and is set to tour in 2015.

2015 Bookings

We are now taking bookings for 2015 from venues within Canada and the UK. To book Iredea as part of your 2015 programming, please email for further details: booking@woomemyth

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