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WOO ME MYTH presents new work Iredea in 2014. Inspired by the works of 

Philip K. Dick, Iredea is a vivid and compelling collaboration that follows the main character, Tibor as he embarks on a quest for identity. Dance, theatre and new media fuse to propel a fantasy universe, that deals with social injustice and personal exploration.


A synergy of movement, lights and silhouettes - at times playful and insightful, Iredea elicits a spirit of imagination. Exquisite choreography partnered by original music, this exhilarating performance illustrates the pitfalls and triumphs of the human psyche.


Woo Me Myth is a Montreal-based virtuoso contemporary dance and rock opera company founded by co-artistic directors Jenn Doan and Ted Strauss in 2009. The company strives to create a new performance language in contemporary dance, and music.