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“ I have been working in the audio industry since the mid 90's and freelancing in the Montreal area and abroad as an FOH ( Front of House ) mixer and AV technician since 2003.

Since that time I have worked on a diverse range of shows consisting of large and small corporate events, outdoor rock, pop, electronic music festivals, arena concerts, corporate galas, pharmaceutical events, awards shows, convention trade show ceremonies and a multitude of conferences.

In addition to live events I also take care of frequency and levels calibration of permanent installation systems. This involves using audio system processors such as Bose Control Space, BiAmp Systems Audia & Tesira as well as Crestron control surfaces.

I also specialize in video projection, Polycom videoconferencing systems and webcasting."

For smaller corporate events I fill in as an AV technician taking care of audio, video, laptops, small lighting and whatever needs to be done.

P.S. In employing me you are getting a skilled & knowledgeable professional with a positive attitude and demeanour.


Specialties: Front Of House (FOH) mixer
Monitor mixer
Permanent Systems frequency & levels calibration
Event Planning, logistics and design
Live Case Medical videoconferencing
AV Technician - Corporate AV
Video and Data projection setups and operations
Polycom Video Conferencing Networks using Crestron Control