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In the late 70’s, John Sellers, Director of the Irmo Chapin Recreation
Commission, put together a group of people to "use that wonderful theatre we
have." So a group of 6 or 7 folks found a director and picked a show and put on a
play. " It was an old comedy," Sidney Hallman said. "I can’t even
remember the name." Ms. Hallman, who has since moved to Beaufort, was one of the
original founding members of the Chapin Theatre Company. "We went to the University
and borrowed some flats to build sets. We didn't even know how to make them stand up with
out falling over." Bob Gardner, also one of the orginal members of the theatre,
recalls the first play as being You Can't Take It With You. "We grabbed any warm body
and made an actor out of them. The crowd loved it and we had a ball."
the early days, only one show was performed each year over one weekend. Today, 4 or 5
shows are performed a year (including a children’s show) and they each run over
three weekends. Shows as simple as "The Gift of the Magi" and as complicated and
demanding as "Damn Yankees" are now performed on the Chapin stage. According to
many of the locals, "We are the best kept secret in the Midlands Theatre."