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Hailed as “one of finest new songwriters in Canada,” (Tom Power, CBC) singer-songwriter Gabrielle Papillon sings stories real and imagined. Words, melancholy melodies, and lush harmonies are her currency.

2sd part: The Vlcheks

The Vlcheks are an eclectic, electric 3 pc steeped in old-time melodies that often crunch due to the affore mentioned electricity. They are a new band and quite pink in the middle. There is barbed wire involved, also bran. The band springs forward from Gern f. Vlchek on guitar (United Steel Workers of Montreal/Gern f. and the Left Wingers) and Mike Kennedy on drums (Ghostbeef/Moonshine Garage) and banjo come bass player Randall Anderson (no fixed address). Some day they will be the best band that ever was.